2018 Mi Tas white wine

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The wine is made from Vayots Dzor's Voskehat grapes, as well as Kangun and Muscat grown in the Ararat Valley.

The wine has a pale golden color and sunny sparkle. It is marked with its soft bouquet of wild flowers from the alpine meadows and noble white rose clearly distinguished in its aroma, taste and long-lasting elegant finish.

Alc. volume:                12%
Bottle size:                  750 ml
Location:                     Vayots Dzor region and the Ararat valley
Serving temperature:   8-12ºC
Grape variety:             Voskehat, Kangun and Muscat grape
Gastronomic recommendations: it is perfect with fish dishes, especially with the alpine pole fish.

Origin: Armenian wine (Wine from Armenia)

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