2018 MEK Khindoghny

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The Khindoghny is 100% produced from Khindoghny grape. Khindoghny grapes are harvested from the warm region of the southern region of Armenia. This grape grows exclusively in the Hadrut region of Armenia, which is located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level.

From 1200 AD the Melikdoms (royal family) dominated this wine especially for them and their guests and the recipe was kept secret for centuries. After years of research into the secret of this noble family, we have discovered it and we still use a completely traditional method. Now this top wine is accessible to everyone.

Tasting Notes: Selection of the late harvest and manual grading of the grapes gives this wine depth, complexity and elegance. The Khindoghny grape is rich in tannins, which gives the wine extraction and expressiveness. The deep red color of this wine offers interesting characteristics of black and blue fruit, cotton candy and earth. Wines made from Khindoghny have grippy tannins, precise structure and show aging potential. further enhanced by the mouth-filling medium finish. This is a wine made for large meat dishes. It goes well with strong local cheeses and rich foods in general.

Modern wines from an ancient wine region, Gelichian is proud to share this wonderful product with you.

Origin Armenia
Region Hadrut Region
Producer MEK WINE
Vintage 2018
Grape Khindoghny
Closure Cork
Color Red, dry
Storage advice Keep out of the sun and in a dry, cool and dark place
Delivery All EU countries
Content 750 ml
Alcohol% 14.3%

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