365 Pomegranate liqueur wine

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The sweet, fortified wine with a high sugar content is made from the pomegranates that grow in the full sun of Syunik, the most southern region of the country. Production takes place according to a specially developed technology.
The wine has a dark red color with hints of cinnamon.
The bouquet harmoniously combines a juicy aroma of ripe pomegranates with wild berries. It has an enchanting aftertaste of vanilla and bitter chocolate.

Serve temperature: 16 - 18 ° C
Food-matching: It is a good addition to fresh fruits, desserts and light salads.
Alcohol: 16%
Fruit type: Pomegranate
Location: The Meghri orchards of Syunik
Bottle content: 750 ml

Origin: Armenian wine (Wine from Armenia)

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