ArmAs Areni Reserve 2012

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The native Areni Noir grape is one of the oldest varieties known in viticulture, from the epicenter of the historic wine world, Armenia. At ArmAs Estate, our winemaker has eloquently expressed his noble character and evoked emotions that speak equally of the
heritage, and the essence of wine. This ruby red wine, aged 22 months in Armenian and French oak, has aromas of red berries, fresh lavender and milk chocolate. An elegance reflected on the palate complemented by the firm structure and balanced tannins,
with a persistent finish that is indeed lasting and memorable.

Preferably to be combined with cheese, duck and filet mignon. May also enjoy walnuts, figs and strawberries. After two to three years of bottle aging, this wine will excel in combination with noble game birds and poultry.
Origin: Armenian wine (Wine from Armenia)

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