ArmAs Kangun white Armenian wine

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The ArmaAs Kangun is brewed in the well-known Armenian winery Golden Grape ArmAs Estate. The Armenian winery has a long history that is reflected in your wine glass. You can taste the taste of apricots, green apples, white flowers and wild herbs. Moreover, the aftertaste is enduring with rich flavors from the estate itself.

Special characteristics:

Balance between smell and taste
You will taste apricots, green apples, white flowers and wild herbs.
The good aftertaste makes the wine very attractive from a culinary point of view.

Best time to grab this wine:

This wine goes well with fresh cheeses, vegetable, fish and white meat dishes. The wine goes perfectly with fish and especially well with mussels or oysters.


Product information:

Content           750 ml

Year                 2018

Origin               Armenia

Winery              Golden Grape ArmAs

Wine type          Dry, white

Grape variety     Kangun and Rkatsiteli

Taste                 Filming lightly

Color                 Clear, golden yellow

Odor                 Half intense

Aftertaste          Good

Alcohol percentage  12%

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