ArmAs Karmrahyut red Armenian wine

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The ArmAs Karmrahyut is a very attractive wine. The herbs, aromas and flavors are beautifully balanced. This makes this wine perfect. You will spoil your taste buds with the aromas of blueberries, cherries, rose petals and herbs. You can feel the pure energy flowing into your mouth. The wine ends with notes of honey, bay leaf and vanilla. This combination ensures a good intense flavor which is in balance.

Special characteristics:

The smell, taste and appearance are beautifully balanced
You can taste the aromas of blueberries and cherries.
The spiciness, such as vanilla due to the wood aging, makes this wine very attractive

The best time to grab this wine:

The wine combines with red meat and in particular with game, such as venison, boar or roe. This wine also pairs well with aged cheeses, lamb and spiced meat stews.

Product information:

Content                  750 ml

Year                       2014

Origin                     Armenia

Winery                    Golden Grape ArmAs Estate

Wine type                Dry, red

Grape variety           Karmrahyut

Taste                       Semi-intense with a little bitterness

Color                       Bright, ruby ​​red

Odor                       Intense

Aftertaste                Good

Alcohol percentage   13%

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