ArmAs Voskehat 2018

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Voskehat is the golden grape of the ArmAs Vineyard. This wine displays intense and elegant aromas of fruit and herbs, such as white melon, green apple, thyme, fresh rosemary and lime. The taste echoes these aromas and is accompanied by fresh minerality and solid structure, harvested from its volcanic soil, imparting this wine with persistence, complexity and elegance. The attentive nurturing that this variety demands in the vineyards is rewarded by the effortless harmony and balance that the glass brings.

Presented as an aperitif, with fresh cheeses and fish.

“I think this wine is very interesting, full bodied ... Most interesting, it is made in European style ... I think many wine lovers will not even realize that this is an Armenian wine. This wine reminds me to not only a European wine, but Northern European wine - German and Northern French Very elegant wine with minerality, with an intelligent dryness in the taste, I find this wine very worthy and can be sold everywhere, this is a very universal wine you can't help but like. "

Grape variety: Voskehat

Year: 2018

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