ArmAs Voskehat Reserve 2014

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The ancient Armenian grape variety Voskehat, or "golden berry", is indeed the Golden Grape on ArmAs Estate. It thrives in this area, where an unparalleled legacy is revitalized in the historic wine world. Winemaker Emilio Del Medico has carefully selected these grapes, fermenting them in the finest Karabag and French Oak, allowing for further refinement with 10 months of maturation before bottling. This wine has reached golden clarity with the right density and expresses its aristocratic elegance. The aromas of yellow apples, white flowers, hazelnut and vanilla are perfectly balanced with a rich minerality fresh on the palate. The attentive nurturing these grapes demand in the vineyards and in the cellar are rewarded by the effortless harmony and balance in the glass.
Best combined with cheese, white meat dishes, oysters and halibut. Can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or with almonds, apples, mango and apricots.

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