vineyard Karas

Karas Wines in the hands of the Eurnekian family

Sustainability, family, tradition and expertise come together at Karas Wines, an Armenian winery seated under the eternal gaze of Mount Ararat. Our mission is to produce world-class vintages from our own vineyards in Armavir, Armenia.

Karas, the winery name, means ‘amphora’ in Armenian, a sacred wine-making clay vessel used here for 6,000 years. That, combined with Armenia’s ancient oenological culture, inspires us to chart the future of the birthplace of wine while reclaiming the mantle as a producer of the world’s most desired wines.

An Armenian family’s journey

The Armenian diaspora took the Eurnekian family to Argentina, but Karas Wines is a result of a family seeking to renew roots in the original homeland, renewing traditions, and also ensuring sustainable ecosystems and biodiversity. They already have the knowhow.


Eduardo Eurnekian and Juliana Del Aguila Eurnekian – uncle and niece – are responsible for the premium vineyard property Bodega Del Fin Del Mundo, in Neuquén, Argentina. Together, they’ve been making wine for more than a decade in Patagonia, a region known for its wines of origin, and shoulder to shoulder they founded Karas in Armavir, whose volcanic terroir is equally unique.

Vintner and sommelier Juliana turned her hand to winemaking years ago with one of the world’s greatest mentors: Michel Rolland. All three embarked on this special project that has both innovation and environmental responsibility at its heart, believing Karas will build bridges between Armenia and the rest of the world.

Karas with wine glass