The signature variety of Armenia that makes top quality dry and sweet red wines.

The color of the grape is Black.

Also known as: Areni Chernyi, Areni Noir, Areny, Areny Tcherny, Malai Sev, Sev Areni or Urza Sev.

The Areni is a very old grape variety, which originates from the village of the same name; Areni. This village is located in the province of Vayots Dzor in southern Armenia. And where the oldest winery is also found (4,000 BC). Remains of the Areni grape have also been found in this so far oldest winery. The Areni grape takes us back to the origin of the wine. It is said (but not yet proven) that the Areni Spitak variety, freely translated Areni white is a color mutation of the Areni grape. One day DNA research will reveal whether they are related or not.


The Areni grape is rich in late and medium size, it grows in compact trusses and has thick berries that are resistant to diseases and fungi. The grape also withstands winters with ice well. This makes the grape easy to grow, easy to make wine and easy to make a wine that is everyone's friend. It is therefore not surprising that in ancient times people started with the easiest grape to make wine.

Areni is the best grape that Armenia has to offer. The grape is widely used and it seems as if every winery feels obliged to have at least one wine with the grape Areni. Especially the quality wineries get very nice wines from the Areni grape. High quality wines with a medium to full body that can still be ripened. And some make it a pink, and even table wine brandy is made from it in Armenia.

The Areni grape is seen as a progenitor for the Pinot Noir.

Producers of quality wines from the Areni grape include; ArmAs, Karas and Van Ardi.