The grape variety Kangun

An Armenian complex hybrid used to produce wine and brandy.

Kangun is a complex hybrid obtained in 1979 by P.K. Aivazyan at the Armenian Wine Research Center in Merdzavan, close to the Armenian capital Yerevan, crossing Sukholimansky bely and Rkatsiteli.

The Sukholimansky is a cross between a Chardonnay and a Plavai, made in 1949 at the research center in Odessa, Ukraine. The Rkatsiteli is a grape widely planted in the Caucasus, especially in Geogie, but can also be found in Moldova, China and a few other countries. The Rkatsiteli is a useful grape variety that produces many beautiful wines.

Kangun is used to make wine mainly in the Ararat Valley in Armenia.