Karmrahyut, meaning; red juicy, is a complex hybrid obtained in 1950 by S.A. Pogosyan at the Armenian viticultural research center at Merdzavan, close to the capital Yerevan. By Crossing Adisi with NO 15-7-1, in whitch Adisi is an Armenian variety that is no longer cultivated and NO 15-7-1 is a hybrid between a vine of vitis amurensis Ruprecht and Sladky Cherny witch is a selfling of Pinot Noir.

The Karmrahyut has compact bunches of medium-zised, red fleshed berries.

Karmrahyut is a red fleshed variety planted mainly in Armavir in western central Armenia. ArmAs, for example, make a deeply coloured varietal wine of the Karmrahyut, with a lot of taste and smell layers and also a unique rose (probably the only Karmrahyut Rosé in the world). Most wineries that use Karmrahuyt make this as a blend with up to 4 grape varieties.