Keerk red wine 2019

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Keerk meaning 'Passion' in Armenian, is at the heart of the way of life and approach towards wine at the ArmAs estate. From the vineyards to the glass, there is a spirit of unbridled energy, excitement, intensity and love!

This deep ruby and purple hued wine is a blend of Armenia's native Karmrahyut 80% and Areni 20% grapes. Aromas of ripe pomegranate and red berries and enlivened with peppery notes of allspice, bay leaf and anise. Young tannins with a pleasant astringency, add to the flavor of spices, smoke, wood and herbs with a hint of fruitness for this heated yet smooth and round wine.

Recommended with most meat dishes, particularly with fatty layers, as well as with bitter and hard cheeses.

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