MEK Areni 2018

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MADE FROM THE NATIVE ARENI GRAPE. Grapes and the wine come from our winery Mek Wine.

The Armenian Highlands in the south of Armenia, the Vajods Dzor region, guarantees an excellent ripening of the grapes through long, warm summers. The vineyards are located at an altitude of about 1250 meters. The specific flavor is created by the fertile soil, which consists of the volcanic rock and pumice of Mount Ararat (dormant volcano). The soil is very fertile and contains many minerals, making it the perfect breeding ground for making Armenian wines. We still use a completely traditional method.

These Areni native grapes have been used for wine production since prehistoric times. This area is also mentioned in the Bible, which mentions that wine-making dates back to the time when ancestor Noah planted a grape along the slopes of Mount Ararat. Archaeologists have found grape seeds and an old winery in the caves of Areni village and have confirmed that they are 6,100 years or older. Our carefully crafted classic Areni Mek is an elegant and excellent red wine, made from hand-selected Areni grapes. This rare wine is aged for 6 months in the famous Caucasian oak barrels. This gives the taste of the wine extra strength.

Tasting Notes: The wine has a deep ruby ​​red color, delicious finish and flavors of blueberries, cherries and vanilla. The wine goes well with spicy and / or hearty dishes, different types of meat and cheese in general.

Modern wines from an ancient wine region, Gelichian is proud to share this wonderful product with you.

Origin Armenia
Region of Vajots Dzor
Producer MEK WINE
Vintage 2018
Grape Areni
Closure Cork
Color Red, dry
Storage advice Keep out of the sun and in a dry, cool and dark place
Delivery All EU countries
Content 750 ml
Alcohol% 14%

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