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The birth of wine

Dijso is the official importer of Armenian wines. We want to make the story of the birth of the grapevine and the birth of our contemporary vinification more known. We do this by bringing the best Armenian wines to the Netherlands, ensuring that they are widely available and ultimately recognizable in both its quality and the history that brought it about.

It may be unknown, but Armenia is known as the birthplace of the vine and is therefore the location where the oldest wine-growing ruins have been found. Some are up to 6,100 years old, which is 1,600 years older than the pyramids or 4,100 years older than the Colosseum in Rome. Armenia produces elegant, award-winning wines. The native grape varieties have been used for thousands of years to make beautiful, distinctive wines.

We bring this history and taste experience to you with pride and passion. This is history in a wine glass!

Enjoy it!

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