The Armenian wines from ArmAs

ArmAs Wine

Do you know the story of Noah and his ark?

Thousands of years ago, he landed with his ark, after the flood, on Mount Ararat, Armenia. Noah looked around and saw potential in the ground. So he planted grapevines. Only he found out that these grapes were not at all tasty to eat. So he thought it would be a good idea to make wine from this and it still does. The seed he has planted has resulted in an estate between the hills with 180 hectares of vines today. It looks beautiful.

Where does the grape originate?

Armenia, Georgia or Northern Iran? The experts do not dare to leave their mark on it yet. One thing is for sure, every vinologist recognizes that the grape's birthplace is somewhere in the Caucasus. What we do know is that grapes have been grown in the regions around Armenia for thousands of years. Archaeologists came across this, they discovered large country houses where wine was made or stored in various places in the region. The archaeologists recognized this by:

Wine presses,
Fermentation vats,
Grape seeds and
Twigs of vines.

The most famous complex "Areni-1" takes its name from the most famous and possibly oldest grape variety in the world. This complex is 6,000 years old and is gigantic. So big that people have spoken of an industrial production.

Organic and ecologically responsible

The ArmAs wine is produced completely responsibly. This is not an easy choice for a winemaker, because the cost price and the selling price increase. But ArmAs wants to produce a premium wine to the highest standards and with the best taste. Not only that, but everything must be accounted for. The people who pick the grapes receive a living wage according to the Fairtrade standard. As the founder Armenak Aslanian himself says, "It is not my work, it is my life".


Taste the wine history in a glass

Taste the history of the most famous Aren-1 winery in a wine glass. With this story in mind, you will taste the Armas Areni between the hills and vines. So you imagine yourself in one of the most beautiful places in Armenia. It's no coincidence that Tripadvisor visitors are enthusiastic about their experiences at the Golden Grap ArmAs Estate.


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