BREE wine

The winery Peter Mertes was founded in 1924 by the winemaker Peter Mertes in Germany.

The company was founded in the small village of Minheim on the Moselle.
The van Mertes family has been growing grapes on the Moselle for more than 600 years, but Peter Mertes thought it was time to start producing under the Mertes family name.
The basis of his quality wines originated between the famous wine regions Bernkastel and Piesport on the Moselle.
In the 1950s the extension was expanded under the direction of the son-in-law Dr. Gustav Willkomm in the well-known areas on the Rhine (Nierstein, Oppenheim, Bingen, Mainz) and a little later in Palatinate.
Ten years later, the range was expanded with wines from the Rheingau. Today the wines can be found in all parts of Germany and in many countries around the world.
The vision of that time, which Peter Mertes had in mind in 1924, is still highly valued today, to continue to deliver and guarantee the most optimal price quality.
Peter Mertes has now grown into a company of several hundred employees. Peter Mertes is now represented in nearly 60 countries around the world.