The Armenian wines of Van Ardi

Music sounds above the vineyards

A different type of wine than usual. The maker of this wine has a broader vision than just selling wine. There is also a social aspect they are working on. The Armenian community that produces the wine must improve. People develop thanks to this wine. They are given the opportunity to go to school. The wine itself is not forgotten here either. The same goal applies for this and the vision is the same. This only benefits the taste.

The Armenian dream wine

Ardi is made with love in Armenia by a real family. After Van Ardi sold his company in America, the dream arose to do something completely different. But not just the idea of ​​setting up a business to sell wine. No! Really produce wine with love and passion with its own standards and values. Something they are convinced of. That this translates into a delicious glass of wine. Van Ardi is convinced that you can influence plants positively, but also negatively with music and talking. Therefore, in these vineyards in Armenia, no curse can be heard from people working in the fields. The bell rings every hour, it rings high and far in front of the plants, which also hear a piece of Armenian music.

More than must

Whoever does good gets good. The motto of many people. If there is no need to get the most out of everything, there is more room to do good. The people who actually make wine from grapes at Van Ardi, are well compensated for this and also keep their jobs outside the seasons. They make ecological and organic wine, because they want it that way. It's not a must. The people who have the same philosophy of life, that's what the wine is for and they appreciate the philosophy. That is Van Ardi.