Armenian wine from Voskevaz

The Story of Voskevaz

Voskevaz is a small village in Armenia, small but with a long history. In 1932 the Soviet Union was ruling with a heavy hand. They introduced prohibition to reduce alcohol consumption. Not necessarily the use and consumption of alcoholic beverages, but the production thereof was banned and punished. That didn't stop Voskevaz's winemakers from making wine anyway.

The golden liana

Voskevas means "golden liana" in Armenian. The winery, which is located in a beautiful castle, was founded at a difficult time. In the early years, wine was stored in barrels under the cellar and deep underground. A small person could crawl into it to fill the kegs, which could then be sold. Desperate times, desperate means can be said. It was also done this way in the later reclamations. This is all in the history of Voskevaz, perhaps the oldest winery in Armenia. By overcoming difficult times, legally and illegally, a good glass of wine does not come overnight.

Socially responsible

Times change and people make different choices, but wine is and will always be the most important product for Voskevaz. It is also about more than just wine, wine is just a product. They are very proud of this, but they also have a background that is important to them. As much as possible grapes are bought from farmers in the area, a social and conscious choice for the company. This attitude continues in Voskevaz's premises. A school is located here. People can learn a creative trade here for free, such as painting, clay and drawing. But also basic skills such as reading and writing are taught to people here. In this way, creativity will automatically emerge. This is what makes Voskevaz more than just a company that supplies a product. A company that also looks around to give something to society.