Yerevan wine

Armenia Wine Company is a family business that has been actively developing Armenian wine production since 2008. The winery’s vineyards were planted in the Aragatsotn region in the year 2006. The native Saperavi, Areni and Kangun (Kangoun) grape varieties grow in this wine region. In addition, other popular European variety are cultivated. Climatic conditions and geographical location of the country are very favorable for the growth of vines and for the creation of high-quality wines.


Armenia wine

Armenia Wine creates special wines through the preservation of old wine traditions and recipes, but also through the active use of modern technologies.

But the main secret of the company’s success is the infinite love of its owners for their native Armenia and the desire to reveal its wealth. Armenia Wine is currently one of the leading wine producers in Armenia. This company has played a major role in the export and publication of the Armenian wines in the world market. Their wines have received many awards and high awards at the international wine competitions.