2018 Van Ardi red dry wine, Areni, Kakhet, Hagtanak

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The wine begins with a vibrant ruby ​​hue, accompanied by a note of different fruity and floral aromas, which transform into luscious coffee and chocolate aromas. A richly textured, stylish palate that delivers a smooth elegant and persistent finish. A wine born to be aged.

"Full and lively, a summery expression with sweet flowers, violets and roses, blue fruits and great structure, perfect for a large table," said Damien Trinckquel of Galvin Brasserie de Luxe Edinburgh.

"Beautiful and bright, fragrant and floral," agreed team leader Sam Caporn MW.

Product information:

Content                750 ml

Year                      2018

Origin                    Armenia

Winery                   Van Ardi

Wine type               Dry, red

Grape variety           Areni, Kakhet, Hagtanak

Taste                       Full of great texture

Color                       Bright red

Odor                        Delicate aromas of tropical fruit

Ripening process       3 to 9 months in oak barrels.

Alcohol percentage    13%


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