Van Ardi Rosé 2018

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A Rose for every occasion.

Sweet aromas of tropical fruit, notes of pears and peaches.

A delicate and beautiful rosé with pleasant minerality such as silk on the palate. Very refreshing. Recommended with antipasti, melon and prosciutto, medium strength cheeses, salad Niçoise, roast turkey or chicken, and even fruit, hors d'oeuvre and caviar.

From Ardi Rosé 2018 general information:

Bottle content: 0.75 liters
Wine type: dry rose wine
Grape variety: Hand-picked Areni 50% and 50% Kakhet
Alcohol: 12.5%
Vintage: 2018
Ripening process: A small part has been briefly in oak.

Product information:

Content                   750 ml

Year                        2018

Origin                      Armenia

Winery                    Van Ardi

Wine type                Dry, rosé

Grape variety           Hand-picked Areni 50% and 50% Kakhet

Taste                       sweet, soft and pleasantly sour

Color                       Bright rosé red

Odor                        Delicate aromas of tropical fruit

Ripening process       A small part has lain briefly on oaks

Alcohol percentage    12.5%

Best served at 8 - 10 ° C.

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