2019 Van Ardi white dry wine, Kangun

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Delicate aromas of tropical fruit: quince, pear, green apple. It is well-balanced, sweet, soft on the palate and pleasantly sour, with a medium finish. Combines nicely with poultry, duck liver, veal liver, but can also be used well as Asparagus wine.

Product information:

Content:                   750 ml

Year                          2019

Origin                        Armenia

Winery                       Van Ardi

Wine type                  Dry, white

Grape variety             100% Kangun

Taste                         sweet, soft and pleasantly sour

Color                         Clear, golden yellow

Odor                         Delicate aromas of tropical fruit

Ripening process        3 to 9 months in oak barrels.

Alcohol percentage     14%

| M.R. Jansen


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